At Sixfold, we're aiming to give every business AI-powered decision making.

AI does the grunt work while humans spend time on things they do best.


It was time to rethink tedious underwriting tasks.

Sixfold was created to assist insurance underwriters to increase accuracy, maximize capacity, increase traceability, and improve their overall quality of life. Underwriting is time-consuming and artisanal, with insurers often being forced to prioritize submissions and miss opportunities.

With Sixfold, underwriters have time to do the things they do best: deal-making. Over time, Sixfold will improve carrier expense ratios and better products for end customers.


Our fundamental values

These principles serve as our framework for how we operate, interact, and make decisions.

We're focused on the customer

We prioritize getting our software to the customer, even if it means shipping with rough edges. We'll handle the pain so they don't have to.

Our advantage is speed + urgency

A day in generative AI feels like a month. In a market that is exponentially evolving, we believe that being first to market is a differentiator.

We're set on our value proposition

We don’t get distracted by sideshows (e.g. rebuilding commodity infrastructure). Let vendors do the grunt work while we spend time on things we do best.

Perfect is the enemy of good.

The insistence on perfection often hinders the implementation of good improvements. We move swiftly while prioritizing customers and our value proposition.

The Sixfold Team

Founded by a world-class team with deep AI, SaaS, security + insurance industry expertise.

Alex Schmelkin

Leads tech companies that handle the grunt work so humans can focus on things they do best. Alex has over 25 years of experience in financial services and e-commerce. Prior to Sixfold, Alex was a founding member at Unqork and the founder and CEO of Cake & Arrow.

Brian Moseley

Leads product engineering and design. Brian is a maker by nature with over 25 years of experience developing software and building web-based products and services. Prior to Sixfold, Brian was Head of Developer Experience at American Express.

Jane Tran

Leads operations, finance and customer experience. Jane has over 10 years of experience in product development, strategic planning, and process improvement. Prior to Sixfold, Jane was a founding member, Head of Solutions and COO at Unqork.

We're hiring!

Join our team and be part of the journey.