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The first generative artificial intelligence designed to solve the hardest problems in the insurance industry. It’s time to improve insurance underwriting tasks by automating tedious work.

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Sixfold is Not Your

With Sixfold, there is no need to spend time on tracking down 3rd-party data, sifting through thousands of pages of documents or consulting with unstructured data.


Provide data-driven quotes 5x more quickly

With our suggestion tool, provide quotes and coverage recommendations to underwriters.

Upload your underwriting manual and Sixfold follows all of the rules.

Expand capacity with higher gross written premium per underwriter.

Provide traceability and full lineage of all underwriting decisions.

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Evaluate significantly more submissions in minutes

Bring accuracy, capacity and traceability to underwriting through generative AI.

Automate the collection from 3rd party and proprietary data sources.

Spot patterns from a wide array of sources that previously required a human to synthesize.

Summarize risk in insurer’s UW format.

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