Delivering a 360° Health Narrative

Delivering a 360° Health Narrative

On-demand product demo

Life & Disability
February 28, 2024
Feb 28
20 minutes
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Watch our product demo! We’ll showcase our latest underwriting assistant features for Life and Disability underwriters.

What you'll see:

  • Sixfold’s magic in action as it seamlessly “connects the health dots” across disparate sources, creating comprehensive health applicant profiles for underwriters.
  • How our platform stands out from other enterprise software by focusing on ease-of-use and intuitive design, all while upholding top-tier standards in compliance and data privacy.
  • The precision of our platform in spotting inconsistencies in application documents, ensuring highly accurate underwriting decision.

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Gregg Tourville
Gregg Tourville
Head of Design 
Lana Jovanovic
Lana Jovanovic
Head of Product 

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